The first post

As always, there's just one ground rule for a new blog from Lance: No promises on frequency.

I'll write and share when I can - I won't write to a schedule just for the sake of the schedule. In other words, if I care enough to put something here, I believe it's worth your time. Now let's get to it...



Very often I'll just put my head down and do the work.

As a father of four, I'm pretty used to tuning out distractions when necessary. And I'm not just talking about funny cat pictures online - I believe even "good" things can be distractions.

If you're not careful, you could fill 24 hours a day with things that inspire you - blogs, books, videos, great Twitter accounts, events, etc. But when would you have time to actually get stuff done? The stuff that matters?

So when you're ready to let something stoke your creative fire, be choosy.

For me, over the years, when it comes to letting something enter my brain and carving out some time to really think on it, I have cut back the noise and instead focused on just the best of the best. The goal here is that the work I do - influenced by this inspiration - will be way above average. 

The blog here for Osborne Strategies, LLC will be made up of one part status update - letting you know what I'm working on and why it matters.

It will also be one part inspiration-sharing. There are probably thousands of different heroes and strangers that have positively influenced my approach to helping businesses and brands grow.

Starting today, I'll open up the door on a few of the ideas and leaders that are really making an impact on me...