Why you must market your work

"Ugh. Marketing."

Cringing at the idea of having to market your work? 

Chances are you would rather focus on doing what you know and what you’re great at: doctors want to help patients, chefs want to cook, and mechanics want to fix cars. I get that.

But just like every car needs maintenance to keep on rollin’, your business needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Things like bookkeeping, sweeping the floors, and - yes - marketing.

(Captain Obvious reporting in: Marketing should do more than just let your business maintain. If done right, it will help you grow by leaps and bounds.)

Let's face it: spreading the word about what you do is a must.

  1. Sometimes there's competition to worry about. With the right approach, marketing helps you establish that what you have to offer is better than anyone else.
  2. Moreover, good marketing builds a customer's familiarity and trust in a brand. The good news about the competition is that they're probably not marketing effectively, paving the way for you and your awesome strategic marketing plan to steal the show. 
  3. You have to make sure your customers don't forget about you. There's so much noise out there - people are more distracted than ever. But if you market yourself the correct way, you'll show your current and future customers that you and your products and services matter and add value.
  4. I could go on...

So whether you make the marketing happen yourself, or you decide you want someone with experience to come alongside you (perhaps someone like the writer of this post), accept this reality: it's time devise a plan and start spreading the word that you do awesome work and you're looking for more awesome customers.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.
— Laurence J. Peter