Casting a (volleyball) net

You never know what's going to get someone to come through your door.

A neighbor of mine mentioned his family had checked out a few churches recently, and specifically noted only one, a local Presbyterian church.

It stood out: They have a volleyball net out front, clearly visible from the road. And the church-goers actually use it - not just the kids either. 

This one thing attracted my neighbor. He could tell the people there are obviously fun and outgoing, and probably easier to get to know. Let's face it: if you're looking for a 'church family,' this stuff is important. And the Pres folks show this off, probably unintentionally, just by having a volleyball net in their front yard.

What is it that gets new folks to check you out when they otherwise might not?

Or - worse - check you out then forget about you? 

If you don't have something like this, don't run out and get something quirky "just because." I know of a local car lot that once displayed a huge fiberglass pink elephant as a conversation piece. While it was a bit of an icon, I wouldn't guarantee it brought in new customers.

Whether you run a church, a car lot, or an online business, think about your proverbial volleyball net and consider: 

  • Is it obvious to new customers?
  • Is it welcoming?
  • Does it help tell the story of your work or your team's culture and character?

If you need any help coming up with a great idea, or you want to improve your existing pink elephant, we'd love to help.